Moments of beauty in Tazara and Vic Falls

There comes a time when enough is enough, in that Taqqwa bus heading to the Tanzania/Malawi border, I was tired of seating on all day buses, I was tired of the driver playing Russian roulette with our lives every time he overtook the vehicles on the left while there was oncoming  traffic in the opposite lane that he was in…. To be honest, I was scared that I might be arriving at the pearly or fiery gates of an eternal place. I made up my mind to disembark in Mbeya and not proceed to Malawi but rather catch the train in Mbeya.

The town of Mbeya is quiet and idealic, I found a spot where I could eat ugali and vegetables for lunch and supper to my hearts content for the 2 days I was there


The Tazara train was beautiful, strong, sturdy and constantly stopping. It is the lifeline for some remote and obscure villages in north west Zambia. The train would stop where no roads or buildings are present and groups of people would disembark and make their way through the thickets. Onwards home, with bounding bags of groceries.

Chugging along at a steady 30-40km/h, the bar carriage serves to dull what boredom ails a passenger and it is the bar and the food carriages I met other travelers of the same nature. The usual suspects of travel ,Spanish, American, Japanese and a Swiss pharmacist ! Everyone has a story and all you need is time and an ear to listen to it. The Tazara train afforded me this opportunity and I was the better and inspired after spending time with fellow travelers.



(photo, courtesy of Marta) –

After 24 hours on the train, we arrived in Kapiri Poshi (we- as I had made friends on the train) at midnight. Debating whether to take a 2 hour bus trip to Lusaka or stay till dawn at the train station, easy choice, sleep on the ground at Kapiri Poshi train station! Mosquitoes and the cold hard floor …. In the company of strangers turned travel friends, didn’t seem so bad.

There are a million plus images of the Victoria Falls , Mosi-a-Tunua, the smoke that thunders. However, pictures and words rarely encapsulate some beauty, wonder and amazement of the geological structures that nature has.


“Rain” so thick that you can barely see the falls, I considered a free shower! , vegetation so green, I honestly felt that this is the deep dark Africa that we are sold! I grew up in Zimbabwe but had never had the luxury of seeing Victoria Falls! It took a continental trip for me to see the beauty that my country of birth possesses. It was worth every raindrop and green leaf in those moments



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