Reflection on the trip so far…

It has been 6 weeks since I stopped working (to be more politically correct, since I took my sabbatical) and below are some memories captured thus far.

I have had a fascination with the ‘fontein’ places in South Africa,  there are over 250 places in South Africa with the term ‘fontein’. Ranging from Bloemfontein, Bitterfontein to Soulfontein, each with a history behind it. One day, I will drive to each and every one of them but for now I will settle for taking pictures of the road signs. BeFunky Collage _1

and so I go


and again IMG_9530.JPG

I was fortunate to meet this amazing father and son combination who were cycling through Lesotho (down the Sani Pass). They were going to cover something like 400km  over a two week period!True adventure, enjoying the outdoors! Read up on their adventure here Cycling through Lesotho and South Africa.

Shaka World.JPG

What is life without memories of friends and families


They say, pictures tell a thousand words, so I need not say more. The little munchkin in the pic below made my Christmas as she commanded everyone in the house to do her bidding 🙂


I resume the trip this week now that my car troubles have been sorted. I made the painful decision to sell my car after the numerous fix-it jobs that were required to keep it running. I will backpack my way through the rest of amended itinerary which I will share once I am on the road.


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