We will not be running campaigns to save you, if you get kidnapped…


Those were some of the more interesting parts of conversations I have heard while explaining my trip to colleagues and friends…

There will be fear, sadness, madness (partly me) but it is my decision and I am going through with it. I have read quite a couple of other blogs of individuals who have travelled especially to South Africa and the reactions that people/friends had when they found out. One friend who found out about my trip this past week stated “ You are lucky, you have such an amazing girlfriend, I would not let you go off into Africa by yourself”.
I had an informed debate with some work collegeues who have become friends over time and there was genuine worry as I would be using public transport i.e.buses and sleeping in hostels
which is far different from flying into a country in Africa and staying in a 4 star hotel.  My one lady friend mentioned that ” I have warned him, it is dangerous, he could get robbed and God forbid, raped, I am just worried about the safety aspect”. On a light hearted note another collegeue said ” We will not be running ‘Save Alick’ campaigns if you get kidnapped,”. Quite an interesting and diverse take on travel in Africa and no doubt I will encounter more diverse opinions as my wider circle of friends begins to find out about this trip.

I have been chatting to a man whom I revere, for he is a fountain of wisdom and has quite an interesting and unique way of talking and having a conversation. He mixes reality, poetry and prose together, he has a way with words, there is no such thing as a normal conversation for example, this was a message to a fellow colleague that he shared
“I suspect that you are already checking out the breathtaking views of Knysna, on a trip away with the boyfriend 🙂 . Chardonnay wine chilled in the bucket to with the bacon, mushroom, omelette breakfast already prepared outside to consume
as the ocean laps the bay, the sun eavesdropping behind the clouds but providing it’s rays of energy increasing its strength after the
sunrise walk you just had with the bare feed in the warming sands. A drive through the forested town, providing cohesion between the relaxation
and adventure for an afternoon picnic that may come with jewellery from Brown’s ? I suspect that is already in order for the birthday, no? Regardless
dont have too much fun to miss your flight back home so as to continue the war for SME tomorrow…he …he Happy happy birthday”

This is but a tip of the iceberg of his lyrical waxing when he converses with people. The point being, that in all the conversation that we had, he encouraged me to write and write and write. There is no better way to improve than to continue writing. So I have decided to blog more often before I commence the trip and get into a habit. Yesterday my resolve to do this trip strengthened, it dawned on me that it is my life and my dream and it will not always make sense and not everyone will understand it.

Onto logistical issues, the route is confirmed and I am now sure of where I need to go in each country. I have not drilled down into the finer details of sight seeing, things to do as I want to leave room for flexibility in the spirit of adventure. Travel and accommodation for the initial phase of my trip has been sorted except for Durban which is proving difficult and costly to find. I will be in Durban with my girlfriend around the New Year period and getting accommodation is proving difficult here. Lesotho, Namibia, Cape Town, East London, Mocambique and Swaziland -> Accomodation sorted and paid for, I can smell the adventure already.


4 thoughts on “We will not be running campaigns to save you, if you get kidnapped…

  1. All the best Alick! You’re a great inspiration to us all. You’re a man of many dreams, who turns them into reality.

    If there is a “Save Alick” campaign, sign me up. I will even come and get you, we know you’ve come to “get” me a few times.

    Good luck and enjoy buddy!


  2. No one will ever believe your vision or embrace your passion more than you! I believe this is the first of many trips to come and one of the different stories to tell.


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