Count down

timeThe last two weeks have been interesting, I have not looked at my plan for my travel which sits at version 0.9 as of today. The more people being to probe into my reasons about travelling into Africa, the more a feeling of fear begins to slither into my mind into my recess
like an oil leak. I have been asked if I will be travelling through dangerous countries like Sudan, Somalia and if I am not afraid of dying. I believe there is a fundamental difference in doing activities that are considered suicidal and being adventurous. I have no plan on dying any time soon however I will not stay in my circle of comfort out of fear that I might die in Africa. I am pretty sure the conversation would go differently If I had said I was backpacking in Europe :-). Right now, all I hear is worry and “will you be safe” etc, I take heed to all the warnings especially concerning the countries that are politically sensitive. On a more admin related note, I require visas to Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco….this is going to be quite a mission. Either i get them from their SA embassies or I will have to get them when I am in Tanzania.

On a side note, that is parallel to this..I am looking forward to not having to deal with work politics and to having other issues to worry about like where I am going to sleep, how I am going to pass through Sudan. One thing I have realised about myself, is that there are certain types of challenges that I very much enjoy especially the physical challenges, I feel that my psyche and mind get sharpened when I am in the midst of physical challenges. This really hit home when I was climbing Kilimanjaro in the December of 2013. I honestly believe that I had not endured anything as tough, (not even cycling the 94.7 km around Johannesburg, or the multiple 21 kms I had run). However amidst the final ascent, it was just me and my mind, willing the body to take it a step at a time. We departed the camp at mid night and i do say it was a glorious night, clear skies, stars and moon holding their majestic poses. It was a distance of less than 6 km we had to travel but the gradient is very high and hence its a slow climb. It was a tremendous challenge that I enjoyed and overcame (a story for another blog)……


2 thoughts on “Count down

  1. In retrospect, did you find physical challenges on your journey, or were there new challenges that too had the effect of sharpening your mind?

    Will this be revealed in your book?


    1. Very few physical challenges except trying to dodge mosquitoes that I’m sure were full of malaria :-). There was quite a number of mental challenges, one underestimates how you will feel as you sit alone in a hotel in a country you don’t know and don’t speak the local language. Or after 6 weeks of eating foreign foods, you are tired and your mind is playing with doubt, self-doubt, questioning, and a sprinkling of fear. It is definitely not all out adrenaline. So much time seated and thinking. You begin to think differently hey, trust me, it is a mind trip more than the physical


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